Wholesale Vintage Eyewear at Eye Been Framed

Welcome to Eye Been Framed! Our vintage frames are worn by artists, musicians and people of style including the B'52's, Elvis Costello, Dr. John and a Blowfish. We gladly ship internationally.

Frames are available under the "Browse and Order Frames" link.

Our frames are all authentic NOS (New Old Stock) - real vintage eyewear that was never purchased or worn. They can be fitted with sunglass lenses or prescription lenses by most optometrists, or there are places online that will add lenses in your prescription.

After each frame is sold, it is briefly listed as out of stock until replaced, unless someone has bought the last of its kind. We're constantly adding stock so keep checking back in or email us at info@eyebeenframed.com

The men's run small to medium, so apologies to the larger craniums but that size has run out.